All music released through ImagineTunez is able for people to use and monetize on youtube.
This is a written proof and permission. Please, read carefully.




  • You cannot claim our tracks as your own.
  • You cannot sell our tracks.
  • You cannot use our tracks without giving credits in video description.
  • You cannot use our tracks anywhere outside YouTube without our permission.
  • You cannot make a new download link for the tracks.

You can use our original tracks on YouTube. You can also monetize these YouTube videos where our tracks is used. But you MUST give CREDITS to ImagineTunez and all artist of the track in your video description.

You MUST use our download link if you are promoting or useing the tracks released by us.



It should look like this:


Released by ImagineTunez:


“Their artist name”


Thanks for understanding!

ImagineTunez Founder
Simon Svensson

© ImagineTunez 2018